Eyes:The real hero

I’ve always wondered about the power of eye contact.How accurately and beautifully it conveys our emotions.
According to Japanese,they say that eyes are the mirror to our souls. Often it is seen that eyes win where tongue failed. A whole lot of meanings we get from each kind of stare. Be it love,lust,libido,anger, happiness, helplessness, sympathy, kindness and all other kinds of emotions a human could have,it is the eyes that tells us. There would have been many moments in our life where we realized some of the imperishable truths by that one stare .Its actually quite exciting to have a constant eye contact at the same time tough task too.
Some stares could even heal our pain.Some could define how much they love us.Some could help us in controling us.Some could even make us frightened.Each stare has got a meaning . Each eye movements of others try to say something to us.Afterall what I felt is that in most of the hardest times it is the
eyes that speak more than the tongue.That’s the point and that’s the power. That eyes never lie.They speak of truth.


I am me

Love my flaws, and dont search in me perfection,
love my scars and trust me within the healing ,
love my rage and be the water for the fire in me,
love me for my uncertainty, and teach me how to be relied upon,
love me for the wildest dreams i dream off,
love me for what I am,
hate me for what I am not.


My hands became numb,
my feet couldn’t move,
my heart was bleeding with pain,
my eyeballs got debilitated,

i couldn’t feel that strong wind
or the softness of the cotton,
i don’t understand the things that once astonished me,
the chirping of birds has started to not become a refreshment,
the beauty of clouds and the azure skies went unnoticed,
i don’t even enjoy dreaming.

Like a lost soul
I was dying inside.


You remember the day when you were caught up in the store room for eating the milk powder hidingly?
Those mud dipped hands of yours after a long day on making castles?
That ‘seems small’ yet painful wound you got when you took your maiden bicycle ride.
The wink your eyes got when eating raw mangoes straight from the field.
When summer vacations meant sleepovers, jackfruits,mangoes, creating art and all other bunch of good things.
We always wanted to become dressed up like brides,right?
The never ending talks, giggles, and complete happiness.

On this long journey to adulthood and money making agony we lost ourselves, our innocence, kindness, self-esteem and what to say even being happy.
Is it that we take life too seriously or is life just this way?
Maybe we dont have an answer because we ourselves are shocked to know the change.
Life is hard, so is you! Situations over situations that screw us.
But our attitude could help us make a little impact,
maybe just for the tiny pieces in us we’re craving for!